Will Covid-19 vaccine shortage expose racial disparity in US? Blacks and Latinos' hesitancy sparks concern

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a topic of discussion since last year due to the number of deaths that the virus has caused. Over the course of the pandemic, vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer have been authorized for release in an effort to stop many from contracting the deadly virus. While cost and accessibility of the virus showed the cause of concern, many are now wondering if racial disparities or discrimination and distrust in the healthcare system will play a part in the delivery of the vaccines to American citizens especially when it comes to Blacks and the Latino community.

There have been many reports on disparities that should be looked into and most of these wouldn't be solid data until of course all vaccinated recipients are punched into the health system. Here's what experts on health care disparities have to say about the current disposal of the Covid-19 vaccines to these specific communities.