Lana Del Rey on dangers of fame

Lana Del Rey thinks fame is “dangerous”.

The ‘Video Games’ hitmaker believes she’s been made a target for “vultures” because of her image, whereas other stars are portrayed more positively even though she claims they are the “biggest b****es”.

She told MOJO magazine: “Sometimes I feel, with fame, it can put you on the peripheries, where the vultures can pick at you. It’s dangerous on the edges.

“It’s not that I aspire to be the girl next door, but it’s just that I actually was and I think what some people don’t understand is that the girl next door has things going on too.

“A lot of these other people who I see portraying that image are not that way at all – they’re like the biggest b****es who live in insane mansions and rip people off.

“This is not bitterness speaking at all. It’s literally just kind of just the facts, ma’am.”

And Lana feels she has been “discredited” for years.

She added: “A lot of the things I was writing about, people shamed me for. But I like to think now I was actually writing about what thousands of housewives were experiencing and no one ever said a thing from Brentwood to Boca Raton.