A family is trying to get 'orbisculate' into the dictionary to honor their dad who died of Covid-19

You know when you dig into a grapefruit and, suddenly, its juice squirts you in the eye?

There's a word for it. Hello, orbisculate.

It's a word that the Krieger family of Boston is trying to get into the dictionary in honor on their funny, whimsical dad. Neil Krieger passed away due to complications from Covid-19, and his family is taking a non-traditional approach to celebrating his life.

"I was trying to tell people about my dad and how he was really funny, creative and very original and always could see the humor and the bright side of the situation. I kept on coming back to the word orbisculate as a way to sort of capture that," Hilary Krieger, Neil's daughter, told CNN. "There's something about creating this word that just felt like it captured him and it was really fun."

The quest to get orbisculate into the dictionary is more about the journey than the destination, something her father would appreciate, Hilary said. It's a fitting way to remember her dad -- a former scientist -- and find a way to be close to him.