Netflix is DOWN! Users panic as streaming platform is unresponsive

It's the end of the world!!! Or so many would think, that is. Netflix - the world's biggest online streamer - went down earlier today, leaving many in despair and unable to binge watched their favorite shows and movies.

Fans flooded social media with complaints after they were met with an error notification when trying to play films and TV shows.

‘This page isn’t working,’ a message read on the website version. ‘ is currently unable to handle this request.’

App users across the world, including some in the UK, France, Germany and parts of the US, were told: "Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in 20 seconds."

Unhappy viewers flocked to Twitter to question what was happening to the streaming service.

"Netflix is down and I really don’t want it to be so pls fix it," one user wrote online.

"Netflix down when its dinner time this is the worst," a follower fumed.