Kitty T*tty shutdown: Woman on Delta Airlines flight breastfed cat on way to Atlanta

Delta Airlines passengers were reportedly witnesses to a co-flyer 'breastfeeding a cat' on the flight to Atlanta. A screenshot of a message which appears to be from the pilot or the crew has surfaced on the Internet and has now gone viral. The message suggests that the female passenger continued caring for her cat in a way no one could've imagined and refused to put the pet back in the carrier despite the crew requesting her to do so.

The incident as bizarre as it sounds is one of the many shocking things to happen aboard Delta flights. In October, a disruptive passenger was placed right at the back of the plane after she started making her own in-flight announcement with her own microphone and amplifier. It happened aboard a flight to New York City and was captured on camera and the video was then uploaded to TikTok, needless to say, it was viewed and shared widely. The woman was attempting to lecture her co-passengers on "the reason the pandemic started" and flight crew rushed to ask her to go back to her seat. She kept pushing back to the point where crew told her they'd have to restrain her if she wouldn't follow instructions. “I don’t need to be taken anywhere. I don’t need to be cuffed. I’m completely harmless,” she said into her microphone. “Although, I think [the passengers] are enjoying this, because like I said, I’m not terrible to look at."