Their first Thanksgiving was spent with neighbors they just met. Here's how it happened

With another Thanksgiving crossed off the calendar, our stomachs are full, our fridges are stocked with leftovers and one couple from Colombia is reflecting on their first year celebrating the American holiday.

Susana Orrego Villegas and her husband, Edward White, international students living in Brookline, Massachusetts, were able to spend their first Thanksgiving with a neighbor they didn't even know a month ago, all thanks to a posting on the website Nextdoor.

"Our first Thanksgiving Day was terrific," Orrego Villegas told CNN. "All the food was divine."

Orrego Villegas is on a student visa at Harvard, and when her classmates began discussing their Thanksgiving plans, she got curious about the American tradition, since Colombia does not have a holiday like Thanksgiving.

On October 26, she posted a photo of her and her husband to the Nextdoor app asking if anyone was willing to share Thanksgiving dinner with them. In the post she wrote, "We are a super lovely couple and want to know more about American culture. I want to have our first traditional Thanksgiving with an American family."