Stellan Skarsgard hated Dune fat suit

Stellan Skarsgard admits that it was a nightmare wearing a fat suit in 'Dune'.

The 70-year-old star features in Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and confessed that he didn't enjoy "dragging around 40 kilos of extra flesh".

Asked about his hopes for the 'Dune' sequel, Stellan told Total Film magazine: "The role was a challenge to create a character that was so physically present, and so physically dominating the screen – that was a creative pleasure.

"Sitting in make-up for eight hours and dragging around 40 kilos of extra flesh is not fun. Or the pipe in your butt, which was where cooling water was going in so that you wouldn't get a stroke.

"But I want to revisit the Baron, even if it's a very uncomfortable journey."

The Swedish actor worked with Steven Spielberg on the 1997 movie 'Amistad' and relished the freedom that the legendary director granted him during the flick.

Stellan recalled: "I really panicked. I felt so bad shooting that film, because it was a machine that was moving on, faster than I could. And everything was pre-decided.