Russia-Ukraine conflict: What's happening and how is US getting involved

If you've been reading the news, or even casually scrolling social media of late, there's one topic you can't escape. It's not the pandemic, but rather Ukraine. The small European nation that was at the center of scandal is back in the news, and this time it doesn't have to do with Trump. The United States and its allies are currently involved in a standoff with Russia over Ukraine, sparking fears of war.

The crisis has quickly snowballed from a diplomatic standoff to one of possible military intervention. Months after President Joe Biden pulled the troops , several are now on alert and could be deployed to Europe. It comes after Russia has begun amassing troops of its own near its border with Ukraine, years after annexing Crimea. Concerns have escalated not just in Europe, but also in Asia with China getting , and in the Middle-East, over the war in Yemen.