The Partygate Scandal: What Boris Johnson Has Said So Far

(Bloomberg) -- Boris Johnson’s future as U.K. prime minister hangs in the balance as he grapples with two investigations — including one by the police — into alleged rule-breaking parties in government buildings while the country was in lockdown.

The so-called partygate controversy has gripped the country for weeks, escalating on Tuesday after police began a formal probe. That followed news of — among others — a “bring your own booze” party in Downing Street at the height of coronavirus restrictions in 2020, as well as a birthday party for Johnson.

The scandal was already being investigated by senior civil servant Sue Gray, and her report is seen as central to whether members of Johnson’s Conservatives would continue to back him as leader. That review could come as soon as tonight after police raised no objection to its publication, according to reports in local media Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the police probe is another damaging development for the prime minister, who is already facing calls to resign, even from within his own party, and slumping poll numbers.