Steve-O opens up about 14 years of sobriety

Steve-O says it was a "crisis" when he initially faced the prospect of being sober.

The 'Jackass' star has been without drink or drugs for nearly 14 years after his co-star Johnny Knoxville and others had him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward in March 2008, after he sent an email saying he was planning to jump out of a window.

Opening up about his sobriety in a new interview, he said: "Most people would be delighted to hear that they’re actually not going to die in their early 30s. It came to me as a crisis.

“I was confronted with the most terrifying possibility: I was only, like, halfway through my life."

Steve-O has also reflected on how he was once near-broke and didn't know how to make any more cash, and one of the only things going for him at the time was he could inspire people to shout: "Oh s***, it's Steve-O."

He added to Men's Health magazine: "The ultimate fear for me would be to be a recognisable personality and totally broke."