Amber Heard was 'emaciated' towards end of marriage with Depp, sister Whitney Henriquez reveals

's sister has testified in Fairfax County Circuit Court, Virginia about her sister's altercation with actor Johnny Depp in March 2015. Whitney Henriquez also told the court that Heard wasn't sleeping well, and became physically unwell after she got engaged to Depp.

According to Henriquez, Heard allegedly woke her up in the middle of one night at Depp's LA home and told her, "Can you believe he's cheating on me?" Henriquez then walked into the kitchen to talk with . She told the court, “I can tell he’s clearly drunk and he has a bottle of alcohol in front of him as well.” “He’s talking to me about how Amber found these text messages between him and a woman... and then he starts saying that this woman was meaningless, it wasn’t anything special, she’s nothing special but then he immediately shifted to ‘Amber pushed me. Amber made me do it. Of course, I’m cheating on her,'” she added.