'People just falling and falling': Witnesses describe terror at Illinois parade shooting

Zoe Pawelczak's dad thought the repetitive pops ringing out at Highland Park's Fourth of July parade Monday morning were part of the show, she says. But she felt something was off.

"I'm like, 'Dad, no ... something is wrong,' and I grabbed him" and ran, Pawelczak told CNN. People behind them started running, too.

"And I looked back ... and then it was just this sea of panic, and people just falling and falling," she recalled.

Pawelczak was one of the witnesses telling stories of sheer terror mere hours after the shooting in the Chicago suburb. Authorities say someone opened fire from a roof as the parade passed nearby, killing at least six people and wounding about two dozen others. Police were still searching for a suspect Monday afternoon.

Pawelczak, who'd just moved back from Arizona, said she went to the parade to bond with her father, as she used to attended the event as a child. After a band passed she heard a long round of shots -- maybe 50 or more, she said.