Who is Daria Jalali? Cop, 28, faces jail term for not intervening in brutal arrest of Karen Garner

LOVELAND, COLORADO: A former Colorado police officer has been arrested and sentenced to jail 45 days in jail after she was unable to stop a colleague from roughing up Karen Garner in 2020. A bodycam video revealed , 73, a , being harassed by a cop while a colleague laughed. Daria Jalali, the 28-year-old cop, received three years of probation in addition to jail time. Jalali pleaded guilty to a charge of failure to intervene with an officer using excessive force, which is a crime committed by lawmakers and is a part of a reform bill that was passed during protests over racial injustice and police brutality in 2020.

that Jalali resigned as an officer with the Loveland Police Department in April 2021, along with two other colleagues, and faced up to 60 days behind bars. The arrest of Garner took place in June 2020 and made it to the national headlines. She was arrested by another cop, , after leaving a Walmart without paying $14 worth of items which included a candy bar, a Pepsi, and a t-shirt. A video captured on a police body camera last year showed Garner repeatedly saying she was trying to go home while picking flowers.