Who are Betty Eadie and Jessie Sawyer? Women who 'came back from dead' REVEAL what afterlife is like

The truth behind what happens after is a mystery. But a few people who have experienced claim that they saw a bright light, while others believe they heard voices or could see their own dying bodies.

-- Jessie Sawyer and Betty J Eadie -- who "came back from the dead", have expressed what the afterlife was like for both of them after they had near-death experiences. For Eadie, her experience was so good that she wants to "go back".


As per the , 78-year-old Eadie had a near-death experience in 1973 while undergoing surgery. According to Betty, she felt "this sensation of my spirit coming out of body at tremendous speed" and could see her own body lying on a bed.

Believing herself to be dead, Eadie said she saw three "really ancient men" who told her she had died. Afterward, Betty's spirit flew out of the window to her house, where she saw her family and the lives they would lead.