Idaho murders: Investigators face laborious task of identifying hundreds of DNA samples amid lack of evidence

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: The investigation team of the has been working round-the-clock for more than three weeks to nab the suspect(s) behind the ghastly massacre. The search also includes an enormous amount of biological and digital . The police have found no leads so far.

Till now, police have collected 113 but have not provided more details. The team has also received more than 5,000 tips by email and voicemail. Around 1,000 “digital media submissions” have been provided to the FBI, per .


No weapon has been found and authorities have stayed tight-lipped, divulging very little, if not anything about the case. “I know it’s frustrating to people, but murder investigations are not a spectator event. People are influenced by TV shows. They believe that these events and processing and work happens at a much more rapid pace and results are obtained much quicker than they really are," Howard Ryan, a former commander of a crime scene unit in the New Jersey State Police, said, as per .