D'Arcy Carden wants more action roles

D'Arcy Carden would welcome more action roles.

The 43-year-old actress features alongside Jennifer Lopez in the new film 'Shotgun Wedding' and wants to do more stunts after wielding a shotgun and hanging out of a helicopter for the action-comedy film.

D'Arcy told IndieWire: "I would welcome that era (of action stardom). I really love doing action stuff and I love doing stunt work. I played a lot of sports growing up. I need to go to therapy because I want to impress my dad, but there is something where I'm like, 'I'll be the best little stunt person I can be!'"

The comic added: "There was an episode of 'The Good Place' where I got to do a 10-minute fight scene and I worked with this amazing stuntman, a legendary stunt guy named Jeff Amato, and that was my first real dive into stunts where I was like, 'I love this.'

"And then we got to do a ton of stunts on 'A League of Their Own', working with this amazing stunt team. The more, the better. I would be very, very thrilled to do more of that. Marvel, I'm waiting!"