Anne Hathaway still hopes for Sesame Street film

Anne Hathaway still wants to make the 'Sesame Street' movie.

The 40-year-old star has been attached to the highly-anticipated film based on the iconic children's TV series for a number of years but the project is yet to materialise, although Anne is still optimistic that it will reach the big screen.

Speaking to Collider at the Sundance Film Festival, she said: "It hasn't happened yet. I hope it does.

"I don't really make movies that I don't love. Even if it's a strange love. Even if it's a love that doesn't make sense to other people and even by the way of the final product isn't in any way what I thought it was going to be.

"If it doesn't spark something, I don't think I can do it. And so when you read something, and you're genuinely charmed or delighted or it brings you joy or it's something you want to share with others, it's really hard to step away from things like that move you authentically."

Anne explained that a long wait to make a film can make the final product even more rewarding.