The 8 Best Horror Movies to Stream on Hulu Right Now

Feel like a good or two? Hulu has plenty of content that can rattle your nerves. Check out eight of the currently streaming on the service.

1. (2021)

Set in England in the 1980s, film censor Enid (Niamh Algar) recommends trims to make “video nasties” more palatable for a wide audience. But when Enid sees a film that seems to hold a connection to her missing sister, she finds herself immersed in a horror movie of her own. Director Prano Bailey-Bond one of her influences for scenes set in the censor’s office was and “this strange underground warren of the censors ... In Watership Down, you have the whispers of rabbits going through tunnels and in the censor’s office, we have the screams of people being murdered in films in the next room.”

2. (2022)

A runaway from a drug treatment center finds herself snowbound at a rest area with a small group of peculiar people—and one young girl kidnapped in a van outside. The film is based on a 2017 novel by Taylor Adams.