9 Unique Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support Right Now

In celebration of , we’ve curated a list of women-owned businesses that you can support now. These shops offer original and handmade jewelry, games, decor, and accessories that highlight each owner’s unique skills and passions. Check them out below.

1. JIGGY Puzzles

Kaylin Marcotte would come home after a long and stressful day of and decompress by completing puzzles. But she thought the designs on those puzzles needed an update, so she left her job and founded in 2019. The company has since been featured on and received a $500,000 investment from Mark Cuban. “Reintroducing puzzles to a whole new generation has been such a fun, fulfilling experience,” Marcotte told Mental Floss in 2022. “Puzzles bring me such joy and relaxation; I’m excited to pass that on to people who might have written off puzzles as boring.”

At its heart, the company does more than just sell puzzles; it’s a business founded and run entirely by women to showcase artwork by emerging female artists. “It goes without saying that the female artists who create the beautiful works of art on our puzzles are one of the biggest inspirations for me,” Marcotte says. However, she has a particular affinity for some designs from the brand’s debut collection, including by Slovenian illustrator Alja Horvat and by Seattle-based Emma Repp. JIGGY Puzzles also offers and , and has collaborated with well-known retailers like .