James Craig: Colorado dentist asked co-workers to avoid speaking to cops after they found poison he used to murder his wife Angela

AURORA, COLORADO: The sensational murder of , 43, has the nation shocked after her disgraced husband , 45, allegedly killed her by slowly poisoning her with potassium cyanide. Police found the lunatic dentist made several Google searches on his work computer, which included, "Top 5 Undetectable Poisons" and several orders of the lethal drug. Doctors allegedly grew wary of Angela's mysterious symptoms during her several hospital visits complaining of feeling nauseous and dizzy.

However, police unraveled the callous tragedy after a whistleblower from James' office discovered the chemical compounds he might have used to kill her before the alleged tried to cover his evil act by guilt-tripping them not to speak to police unless subpoenaed and claiming there were things they "didn't know." The father-of-five even tried to use his children as an accessory saying how he had to tell them that their mother was not going to wake up and that they had to bid her a final goodbye, while he was allegedly responsible for their mother's sorrowful death.