'Where’s my cut?' xQc demands Kai Cenat pay him for stealing 'camping idea' worth 'at least seven-figures'

During a recent live stream, xQc, a prominent Twitch personality, demanded Kai Cenat pay him for allegedly stealing his camping idea. The dispute arose when xQc was perusing a post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and encountered a comment from a Reddit user accusing Cenat of scamming ideas without offering proper remuneration.

This comes after Cenat was accused by a Twitter user of allegedly stealing ideas for subathon. The Twitter user claimed that he was not paid for his content ideas either. xQc, also known as Felix Legyel, boasts a substantial following of 11.4 million on Twitch, while Cenat is a popular live streamer on various social media platforms. Cenat promptly responded to xQc's remarks. Curious to know what was said? Read on.


‘What the f**k?! Where is my cut’

xQc accusing Cenat of stealing his camping idea said, “I go to Kai’s Twitter, he does this Rumble stream, Rumble show right?” I click on it, first episode what is it? It was my camping idea that I had done for his subathon on the day that I called them on stream.” He continued, "What the f**k?! Where is my cut? It was my idea, where's my cut?! Where is it?! Did you see it? It was a one-to-one, my idea! It was, though! That's at least a... low seven figure. At least!"