Pete Doherty listens to late friend Amy Winehouse's music 'most days'

Pete Doherty listens to his late friend Amy Winehouse’s music “most days”.

The Libertines singer – who has had his own well-documented struggle with drug addiction – finds it hard to talk about the untimely deaths of his pals, including the ‘Back to Black’ singer, who succumbed to alcohol poisoning in July 2011, aged 27, and Alan Wass, who passed away following an injection of heroin, but they are always in his thoughts.

He told Rolling Stone UK: “It’s quite difficult for me to talk about.

“Both Amy and Alan Wass, I listen to their music most days. So, I do think about it all, but I’d rather not just say offhand comments. My heart breaks when I think about some things and this is just one of them.”

Pete's battle to overcome his addictions and get clean has been documented in new film 'Stranger In My Own Skin', which was made over several years by his wife Katia de Vidas.

The 'Don't Look Back Into the Sun' singer feels lucky to still be alive himself.