FC 24 Radioactive Player Chemistry Explained

The EA Sports FC 24 Radioactive promotion went live Dec. 1 introducing a new set of player items available in packs for a week.

While Black Friday: Thunderstruck was all about the best items of the year so far coming back into packs and the exciting live item additions, Radioactive is all about improving your squad building. This is a brand new promotion improving how players offer chemistry in squads.

Here's how chemistry works for these Radioactive items.

FC 24 Radioactive Player Chemistry Explained

"Each Radioactive player automatically gets two Chemistry points when starting in their preferred positions without needing any links from other players. They also give two links for their League, Club, and Nation to other players in your squad, doubling the effect their base version would have on your squad’s Chemistry," EA Sports said in the announcement.

So, simplified:

  • Base Chemistry (in position): 2
  • Club Links: 2
  • League Links: 2
  • National Links: 2

All players will have at least two chemistry, and squad building has just become that much easier. Having Icons in your squad will make it even easier now to get those mixed leagues or mixed nation squads players want.