How to Enable Lethal Company Controller Support

Lethal Company has partial controller support, meaning players can’t play the entire game with a controller. Some actions require the use of a keyboard and mouse. That said, gamers can have a good gaming experience using a controller in Lethal Company. Continue reading to find out how to enable controller support.

How to Enable Lethal Company Controller Support

As of writing, players can’t turn controller support on or off in the game. They’ll have to plug in or connect their controllers through Bluetooth and launch Lethal Company to use controller support.

Although Lethal Company’s Steam page says it only supports Xbox Controllers, gamers can also use Nintendo Switch Pro and PlayStation 5 Controllers to enjoy the game.

provides specific bindings for each controller. Players can find them below:

Lethal Company Xbox Controller Buttons

  • Interact/Grab: Y
  • Drop item: B
  • Scroll through held items: D-pad left to right
  • Power on item (Walkie-talkie): D-pad down
  • Use item in hand: RT
  • Scan the vicinity: RB
  • Inspect item: LB
  • Move furniture on ship: X
  • Exit Terminal: +

Lethal Company PlayStation Controller Buttons