Atari CEO says company is focused on retro gaming

Atari CEO Wade Rosen insists that the company is committed to retro games.

The firm became a household name when they released their Atari 2600 console in 1977, with the likes of ‘Pong’, ‘Asteroids’ and ‘Space Invaders’ making them the most recognisable games company in the industry.

However, by the early 2000s, Atari had fallen into obscurity due to the success of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's various consoles.

Now, Wade has emphasised the company wants to celebrate the extensive and historically important Atari archive.

He told “As an organization when I came on board, the question was, 'What can we do better than anyone else in the world?' And we're not in a state to really compete with Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo, nor do we want to.

“So when we looked and asked what we could do better than anyone, retro was the thing that jumped out to us, at least at this stage in our history. So we just decided to be as great as we could at this very specific thing and that's what we've been focused on.”