Best Buy's 12 Days of Gaming Has a Dozen Daily Deals: See What's on Tap Today

We love the sense of anticipation that we get leading into the gift-giving season. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, we're making lists, checking them twice, and trying to find a deal that's nice!

Best Buy is tapping into that holiday spirit with a new event that started on Nov. 28 called "." In the spirit of the classic Advent calendar tradition, it's opening a metaphorical door to a huge price drop on gaming hardware or software for 24 hours. When the deal ends, a new one begins. We'll be plugged in every day for the length of the event to clue you in on the offers.

Today's Deal: NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition

Deliver the dunkage with the latest version of the popular b-ball game $29.99 at Best Buy
$69.99 Save $40.00

Day five of the 12 Days Of Gaming brings us a steep price drop on the latest entry in 2K's basketball franchise, NBA 2K24. Visual Concepts have been refining its gameplay for two decades now, and at this point there's really no competition in the space. 2K24 is incredibly immersive, with next-gen graphics and sound making you feel like you're really in an NBA game. The ProPlay feature digitizes actual pro gameplay and transforms it into in-game animations, meaning superstars feel more accurate than ever.