GTA 6 fans convinced minimal teaser image has hidden detail about game

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will be arriving for the whole world to see on December 5th after more than 10 years of fans waiting for the next installment of the incredibly popular gaming series.

The game's developer Rockstar Games announced on December 1st that the would be arriving on Tuesday and even before the announcement, fans were pouring over every possible detail they could find.

Some believe they've already pinpointed where the game will be , the which is expected to be humungous and just how the graphics will be.

Ahead of the trailer Rockstar Games released a single image for the trailer which is of a sunset against palm trees and three seagulls. Nothing too special and worth reading into? Think again.

Over on , fans have theorised that the three birds could signify that the game will again have three playable characters again just like there were in GTA 5.

One Reddit user wrote: "I was wondering if the three birds were significant, like maybe we’re getting three characters again."