NASCAR returns to roots with sleek new pony cars for 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Chase Elliott, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin drove their sporty new pony cars through the smoke and lights of the fog machines NASCAR used for its first fancy presentation in more than a year.

The future of the sport is riding on the Next Gen car unveiled Wednesday in a darkened Charlotte auditorium, where the movers and shakers of NASCAR gathered to get the first look at the new , and

Never before had all of NASCAR's stakeholders collaborated on one project for the sake of the sport, all putting personal interests aside for the sake of competition, cost containment and manufacturer relevance.

“Chevrolet wants to have a competitive car on track. But equally as much, we want to have a car that aligns itself with something somebody can go buy on a showroom floor,” Elliott said.

City Chevrolet, the dealership that launched Hall of Fame team owner Rick Hendrick's career, sat just three miles up the road from the unveiling with a car lot full of street-legal Camaros. If the Next Gen works, viewers will watch a race then head to their nearest dealership to buy a car.