Baptiste Bug Shows He Prevented Over a Trillion Damage in One Game

An Overwatch player posted a hilarious screengrab to Reddit which shows a Baptiste prevent over one trillion damage in an eight-minute game. As you probably guessed, the player didn't actually do that in-game with a real bug, but the loading screen for Baptiste has been bugged for a while.

But if you have had to choose between a game-breaking bug and a typo level one in the end-game card, .

This isn't the only bug to hit the top of Reddit lately. A new  Mercy exploit has been making the rounds after it was utilized by Los Angeles Gladitors’ support, Grant “moth” Espe. Moth used it in his team’s match versus the .

, moth showcased it by first bringing his team’s Ashe back to life on Hanamura. After bringing Ashe back to life, Moth quickly ran back to spawn, swapped heroes and ran back to Resurrect his Orisa. He subsequently repeated this action for a second time on his Ashe. This was a total of three Resurrects in a very short amount of time.