Warzone Time-to-Kill Headed Upward, Per Devs

Warzone developer Raven Software plans to increase the average time-to-kill on all the weapons in the game in an effort to raise the game's skill ceiling.

In patch notes released Friday, Raven described as being close to a "balance homeostasis," where most of the weapons in the game had their uses. That opens the studio up addressing time-to-kill.

"The following balance changes are part of our ongoing efforts to raise TTK or at least the individual skill required to reach extreme ones," the studio wrote in the patch notes. "We ask that you consider these changes not as targeted attacks, but rather as part of a larger initiative to raise the skill ceiling."

Raising the skill level will make Warzone less friendly to new players, but will reward those who stick with the game long enough to learn it on a deeper level. Players who are already highly skilled will find their efforts rewarded more consistently. These changes are just the start of the process for Raven, and the studio could shift its approach at any point in the balancing process.