What the NCAA ruling really means for student athletes

In a decision that could shake up college sports, the Supreme Court ruled this week against the NCAA's restrictions on education-related perks for student athletes.

The case affirmed lower court rulings and further chipped away at the National Collegiate Athletic Association's power over the athletes who drive its revenue.

College athletics rake in billions of dollars through sales of tickets and merchandise plus lucrative TV contracts for high-profile sports like football and basketball. But the NCAA has long argued that restrictions on student athletes are necessary to ensure they maintain amateur status and don't blur the line between college and professional sports.

"Over the years, they've convinced themselves and the public that these young students don't deserve a cut of the money," said Louis Moore, associate professor of history at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. "That the education for 'saving' them and bringing them to college is enough. I think a lot in the public have bought this narrative."