Combining cosmetic treatments - what are the benefits?

Combining cosmetic treatments can lead to super-charged results.Doubling up on procedures when you visit an aesthetic professional is not only a time-saver, but it could combat several beauty concerns at once and help you avoid going under the surgeon's knife."The ageing process is associated with multi-level changes in skin, bone, fat tissue, and muscles," says Advanced Cosmetic expert Dr Bejma. "I use a 'mix and match' approach with my patients, so I can target all levels and provide the best natural results."Here are some suggestions for tackling different beauty issues in one go:Tech NeckAfter spending many hours in Zoom meetings there's been a rise in people requesting treatment for sagging jowls. For this, Dr Bejma recommends a combination of a Nefertiti lift and Profhilo, a revolutionary 'beneath the skin' hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment."A Nefertiti lift is a non-invasive procedure where a small amount of Botulinum Toxin is injected into your neck muscles," she explains. "This procedure will tighten, smooth, and lift the neck and jowls. Profhilo will then enhance the lift effect; slowing down signs of ageing and providing superior hydration to the neck." Glowing skinAre you feeling like the pandemic has stolen your natural glow? Fear not, microneedling and LED skin treatments will give you a much-needed collagen boost."Red LED light post-microneedling can increase fibroblast activity by up to 200 per cent for 24 hours post-procedure, which aids in the healing of skin and gives you an extra glow," says Claire Williams of Wow Facial. Anti-ageingSkin peels alone can leave skin feeling a little red and tender afterwards, so cosmetic experts recommended a combination of peels plus LED light treatments. Introducing LED will stimulate collagen production and combat inflammation.Banish acneSome aesthetic experts are pairing skin peels with microneedling for acne patients,