Should you wash your face before you brush your teeth?

At the end of a busy day, it can be easy to throw on some pyjamas and rush through your evening ablutions.But while you may have never considered whether you should wash your face or brush your teeth first, there is actually a correct order to the regimen. According to Sonal Keay, founder of This Is Silk, brushing teeth should always be the first step - and for good reason - it can make a big difference to your skin. "We spend a lot of time, effort and money cleansing our faces and then applying beautiful serums and creams to slow down the ageing process - I know I do!" she said. "Many people then make the horrible mistake of brushing their teeth afterwards. This strips away all the amazing creams and serums, not to mention the skin's natural oils. The onslaught of water, abrasive toothpaste and then wiping the skin with a rough towel leaves the skin around your mouth, where we are prone to wrinkles, stripped and sensitive. Doing this every day over a lifetime will accelerate the ageing of the skin and add years to your face."And rather than opting for cotton pads or face wipes to remove make-up and clean the face, Sonal recommended finding a sustainable alternative that is gentle on the skin too. She has developed a range of silk cleansing cloths that have the texture of muslin cloths, but with all the added benefits of silk amino acids. "Silk is a miracle material for cleansing the skin," she insisted. Other great products to check out include the Face Halo and Bambaw's Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads.