AJ McLean plans second hair transplant

AJ McLean is planning another hair transplant.

The Backstreet Boys singer - who has two daughters with wife Rochelle - admitted he "struggled" when he started losing his hair and underwent treatment before he got married in 2011, and he's now preparing to undergo the procedure for a second time.

He admitted to Allure: "Losing my hair is something that I have personally struggled with for a long time. I ended up going to the straight Pitbull look where it's just bald, and since then I've had hair surgery.

"I did it right before I got married, which will have been 10 years ago in December. I'm going back under the knife again this year.

"I had gotten to that place where I was shaving my head all the time because it was easier to maintain and it happened to look good with my tattoos.

"But once I had [the surgery] done, I posted pictures on my socials. I wasn't ashamed because I totally accept whatever anybody wants to do to make themselves feel better, to boost their self-confidence."