TikToker issues warning after being hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning from scented candles

A TikToker has opened up about the “scary” dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning after she was hospitalised with it from lighting scented candles.

Scented candles are a common household item that helps to improve a space’s ambience. But many TikTok users were left shocked after content creator Emy Moore revealed she ended up in hospital.

In the video, Moore could be seen pulling monitor stickers from the hospital off her body as she explained exactly what happened.

She said: “I had like five candles, scented candles, going on in my room for hours yesterday and then blew them out right before I went to sleep.”

Moore explained that as she tried to fall asleep she started to feel very strange and felt like her “body dropped”. The TikToker said the sensation felt like her body separated and there were two halves of her. She also revealed she started to lose her sense of self and had a rapid heartbeat.

never buying a candle EVER again