Santos Expelled From Congress After Tumultuous Year of Lies

(Bloomberg) -- The job at Goldman Sachs he never had. The college degrees he never got. Even the volleyball team he never played on.

A year after George Santos was elected to US Congress — and was promptly revealed to be a serial fabulist, possibly worse — his colleagues finally did on Friday what so many had been urging for nearly a year: They kicked him out.

The only real surprise was that it took so long.

The House voted 311-114 to remove Santos, surpassing the two-thirds majority required by the Constitution to oust a member of Congress. It was critics’ third try to expel Santos, with many Republicans who had previously blocked the move switching sides after an Ethics Committee investigation last month substantiated new allegations of theft and deceit.

Santos left the chamber before the vote concluded. Asked his reaction on the way out, he responded, “It’s over. What reaction?”

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